Balance Living For All Exclusive WHAT ARE YOUR SIMPLE PLEASURES?


On this rainy Thursday, let’s talk about something fun. Artist Moose Allain was feeling out of sorts, so he decided to write a list of small joys on Twitter. A few were “a lovely little puppy” and “the smell of snow” and “finding finally the lost thing.”

Other people then piped up and theirs included “sourdough bread, toasted, with cinnamon sugar,” “lining up groceries very neatly at the checkout” and “pushing the pram over bumpy bits of pavement to make my daughter’s chubby cheeks wobble.” How cute are those?

A few of mine are:

Kissing my children on the side of their mouths

Jacket potatoes

Getting into clean sheets after shaving my legs

The grassy waves at Storm King

The word “peripatetic” because it’s fun to say

Cheeses described as “barnyardy”

A room with a view

When you read something so beautiful, you put your hand on your heart

Magic tricks that are impossible to figure out

Anton’s cowlick

Kettle chips

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